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Visit is an online dating site who don't rule out dating age difference with people that are significantly older or younger than themselves. It costs nothing to join the site, with blogs, chat, instant messaging, and try striking up a romantic relationship.


Top features of

  • This dating site is for respectable people who are polite and trustworthy. If we come across any member that does not live up to this expectation then their account will be terminated.
    And at website, they express that in order to attract a large membership and constantly promote this site, maybe you need upgrade. As a gold membership you get: 50 picture upload limit; Live chat for real time communication with other members; 5000 character message size limit; 500 message storage space in your mailbox; 200 messages per day; Unlimited searches; 500 Friends;100 Comments per day, and so on.

Review Of has many strict rules for its users. For example, they do not allow hate speeches, pornography and generally any kind of rudeness!

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